Dear electricity consumer!

It is clear that not to consume electricity is the best way to preserve the environment and save money. However for most of us it would be very difficult to imagine life without electricity. 

Have you ever thought who produces electricity for your needs? Probably you care about environment, you care about nature. Is it also reflected in your electricity consumption? Do you wish to protect the environment and be nature-friendly? Today you can decide how electricity consumed by you is produced and how big is the footprint you leave on Earth with your existence!  

In cooperation with renewable electricity producers we can provide and guarantee to you electricity that originates 100% from renewable energy sources through Green Choice electricity packages and certificate under the Green Choice brand. Everyone who makes a Green Choice electricity contract will receive a certificate which proves that consumed electricity is produced from 100% renewable energy sources and precise accounting is kept about that according to existing laws. 

Make your choice today! Be an environmentally friendly electricity consumer!  



Tee roheline valik! Sõlmi lepping!